The Importance of Using a Food Cover Tent

Many of you might have already known or ever heard that there is a tool which can be used to protect foods from anything that can contaminate them and the tool is the food cover tent. However, the fact in the society now is that the use of this tool has become rarer than ever. Even though there are many households that have this particular tool, they barely use theirs regularly. Mostly, they only use their food cover tents for big events such as a birthday party in the garden and so on. The reason for such an unfortunate thing is probably because most of them still do not know that it is actually very important to use the tent every time they serve foods.

The food cover tents are a food cover that is usually made of a woven of pine leaves rather than plastic. It is also referred to as the hood of the food. The vast majority of today’s society, especially the Malays, uses the hood of the food to cover and protect the food from flies and so on. The function of the food cover tents is very important to protect the food from various hazards such contaminants. The food cover tents are used to protect the food from insects that can be passing around the food. The use of the hood to cover the food is one of the ways to maintain the safety of the food. Insects such as the one that has been mentioned above to like wandering around the food, of course, will be one of the contaminants that can contaminate the food. Insects that plague the food are the insects that carry diseases. If not using a food cover tent, the food must be kept in a closed place, for example, the larder or the refrigerator.

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