Understanding Non-Specific Immune System

There are two types of the immune system and one of them is a non-specific or innate or non-adaptive immune system that fights disease in the same way to all kinds of diseases. This immune system works quickly and is always ready if the body has to fight against a disease. Thus, it is important to protect this immune system, such as by consuming SoMan, a natural herbal medicine. To know more, you can visit somanindonesia.co.id/produk/khasiat-soman.

Non-specific immune system has several types of defense. Amongst other, two of them are as follows:

a. Mechanic or Physical defense
Physical defense may be skin, mucous layer or mucus, cilia or hair on the airways, coughing and sneezing mechanism. Physical defense is usually protects the body from diseases that come from the outside environment or our bodies. This is the first defense shield in our body.

b. Biochemistry defense
This biochemical defense is a defense in the form of chemical substances that will handle the microbe that escapes from physical defense. This defense may be issued by the acidic pH of sweat glands, the stomach acid produced by the stomach, breast milk, and saliva.

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